Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Girls

 It has been my happy privilege to host my lovely niece Gillian Sarah Joy for the past 3 months!!  True to her name, Gill brought the Bird family lots of joy.  She is good natured, hard working, easy going, sensible, fun to be with, thoughtful.... Great character qualities that make living with her extra easy.  I must say, I have thought of her as one of my girls these past weeks, and am so thankful that she was able to travel all the way from Canada to be with us.  She and Anna and Leah became great friends.  Gill and Anna travel now to the UK to Capernwray Bible College in Carnforth, Lancashire County until June.  Come back to Perth soon Gillian!  I miss you!
Gill, Annie and Leah at Secret Harbour Beach
Leah, Anna, Gill, at Villa San, Ubud, Bali
Another beach pic, this time Smith's Beach, Yallingup