Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Content in Collioure, France

Today we left Barcelona after a whirlwind trip to the chocolate factory. Before too long we arrived in the charming seaside town of Collioure. We are very spoiled! Our hotel room looks out across clay rooftops to the Pyrenees Mountains, we have a rooftop swimming pool and a 5 minute stroll to any number of cafes, shops, the beach, canal, castle with rampart walks, art museum... We ate shrimp and rice and salad while looking out to sea. The girls can't stop marvelling at the charming town of Collioure! Tomorrow, Kathy and I look forward to a trip to the Modern Art Museum, a trek up, up, up to Fort St. Elme, some wine tasting and the beach! The girls are going to eat crepes and gelato, and lie on the beach and unwind. Very content indeed!
A love affair with gelato begins here!


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