Sunday, September 16, 2012


Families are unique, and the flock at the Birdhouse is no exception!
Sometimes, but not always, our family looks like this:

Robbie, Anna, Mary, Leah and Robert Bird.  Christmas 2011
Sometimes, we borrow another member from a sister and brother-in-law!

Fraser Mac joins us in Perth Dec'11 - Aug'12

Or borrow two, for that matter...
Gillian MacKinnon flys to the Birdhouse Jan - Apr 2012

Sometimes we say goodbye to our firstborn because he wants to make the Great White North his home!

Congratulations on your win Robbie!

Sometime sisters have to travel over 16,000 kms to have a visit, but family does that for one another.

Saying goodbye after an amazing 2 week visit from Nan and Sandy 
Sometimes the daddy works away in another country,

Relaxing at the Villa San, Ubud
So it's just the girls that live at home...

Mary, Leah and Anna keep the home fires burning in Perth

...With these boys but not those other boys...

Bower Bird (back) and Bob Bird (front)

And sometimes, The Momma Bird has to leave the nest and say goodbye to her babies.

Mary heads off to Indonesia, Sept 6, 2012

For me, 2012 has been a huge year with a focus on Family - having family visit for short holidays and for extended stays, watching family leave, meeting family in far off lands, and ultimately for me, leaving beloved family behind as I relocate to Indonesia to be with  Robert. It's usually the kids that leave the nest, so this has been a challenge to move away from my sweet girls.
However, Rob and I are setting up a nice place in Jakarta where we want anyone to feel free to come and visit.  First, of course, are the girls, arriving 1 October!  Cannot wait!


  1. Hello from your homeland. Looking forward to our trip to Jakarta, just not sure when it will be yet. Ellen and I will be leaving Toronto for New York on Monday - she has our ten days all planned, lots of shows, nice restaurants with a few tours thrown in - should be great. Will give you a call when I get back.

  2. Hi Janette! So glad that you had a great trip with Ellen! Thanks for reading. Looking forward to a visit that's for sure!