Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mr. Kelem and the Good Sport Girl!

Buckets of rain, a dull grey sky all week,

and flood waters threatening the city and surrounds of Jakarta,

but our week was brightened and cheered by the arrival of Leah and Callum!

The gloomy weather did not dampen their enthusiasm for checking out the city even though getting to and fro was more complicated than usual. We spent a great deal of time in transit, and Leah used the opportunity to get some shots of the floods as we waded through the soggy streets.

We were always grateful to be in the safety of a warm, dry car and very much aware of our fortunate circumstances. So many people in Jakarta must persevere with desperate conditions!

It was an adventure for us (but a terrible catastrophe for the nearly 100,000 homes affected, the 40,000+ people who had to evacuate their homes and the 4 people who drowned this past week).

Thank you God for travelling mercies, for safety, and for the opportunity to spend this past week with our Leah-she is such a bright spark and a good sport, and her Mr. Kelem, also a treasure! Come back soon!!!

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