Friday, June 7, 2013

Pisang Goreng and other New Things

We've moved! To another part of this vast city, out of the apartment and into a brand new home. I spent the month of February house hunting, and we now live a mere 5 minutes from Rob's office. Imagine whittling the commute time down like that! Our lives look quite different now. I am on my own much less, we love our new home, new location, but more on that another time.

Aside from a new house, we have new people in our lives. This is Lily and she is holding these HUGE bananas which were a gift from Asri, our driver. Asri made a long bus trip to his family home in Cirebon, West Java this past weekend and carted this load back to Jakarta for me! Very sweet indeed!

There are so many of varieties of bananas in Indonesia. After a bit of Internet research I believe I am working with 'pisang Tanduk' which are best eaten fried. Although I enjoy doing my own cooking here in Jakarta, in this instance, Lily is my Go-to-Girl for advice on the recipe. So here we go! Cut them and fan them (I did this bit).

Lily whipped up a mixture of flour, breadcrumbs, powdered milk, icing sugar and ice water (which makes the batter crispy when fried).

Pisang swimming in an entire litre of cooking oil! Yikes!

I asked if we could dust with powdered sugar - the answer was 'no'.
Am I a fan of pisang goreng? Well... I loved that Asri so thoughtfully gifted them to me, (and to think how cumbersome to carry that laden banana stalk on the bus ride!) I loved working alongside Lily in the kitchen. I really enjoyed the new issue of one of my favourite mags. The special edition coconut-flavoured Nespresso coffee was yum. And next time, maybe a dusting of sugar will help...


  1. Love it!! So good to hear from you again! A dusting of sugar - usually a good thing!