Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Colour Me Happy

It was a bit rainy and overcast today BUT, drumroll, we have COMPANY and so it matters not the cloud and smog, we are seeing everything through rose tinted glasses - having Liz and Lewis Bint visit us in Jak has this effect!

Therefore, in celebration of friends in the guest room, here are some happy-coloured-Asia shots:

brooms for sale in Singapore's Little India

Louis Vuitton anyone? (Leah, Claire, Tamika, Kim????)

Incredible tropical flowers

Rent a bike, and a fancy hat in Batavia's Fatahillah Square

Cashmere Pashminas

Ok, I snuck this in. My coloured votive art from Praha.

I am loving the Ikat textiles here!

Intensigreen! Not a word and not a colour, but how do you describe this chroma anyway?

She is pretty! These bugs are quite tolerable.

Love. Thinking of how/where to put it in my new house.

Boat wood furniture. This has found a new, happy home, hurray!

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