Friday, July 26, 2013

From Week to Week

How can one week look so different from the next?
Last week the house was full with the delightful company of these four...
The girls are wearing the Harry Darsono creations.  We had a private tour, led by the famed haute-couture designer himself!
...Kim, Claire, Leah and Tamika...
...Tamika, Claire, Kim and Leah...

And the week before that we were a group of 8 here at the birdhouse!
The week was a blur of activity.
Driving to and fro...

...seeing the sights...

Indonesia's National Monument, the Monas, topped with a flame of real gold!

...checking out the local shops...
Plaza Senayan

Lewis loved this handyman shop/hovel, streetside, next to the tailor.

...and doing crazy things together!
okay! More Harry Darsono fun. 

This week, all is quiet on the home front. The only sound I hear this morning comes from our poolside fountain, a brief rain shower, and the occasional toot toot of a horn or the putsy-putsying of a motorcycle passing by out front.

The only visitor so far, has been the "Aquaman", with this week's delivery of clean drinking water.

Very quiet indeed. From high to low - well not quite, and only if I let it.
I have kept myself active with a different kind of busy - paperwork, catching up on emails, hanging artwork, doing some baking for Idul Fitri...

...and looking forward to the beginning of next week when yet another dear friend indulges us with a visit! Hurry here Wendy! We are (and this is) waiting for you...!

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