Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kin Folk

Yesterday we were treated to such a unique display of native Indonesian birds at Jakarta's (HUGE) Taman "Mini". Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or, "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park" is a sprawling, 250 acre culture-based recreational area in East Jakarta.

Wendy and I began perusing this park, starting with the replica homes unique to the 34 provinces of Indonesia. Interesting and beautiful architecture. But it was HOT wandering and we had decided to pull the plug on this particular adventure when we happened upon the two great domes of the Bird Park. How grateful we are that we did not miss out on this!

There are 2 huge aviaries, home to birdlife from West Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan) in the first, and species from East Indonesia (Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua), in the second. Some birds are in cages but we were impressed with how many roamed free, swooping about overhead and wandering around our feet.

This park is a photographer's Mecca. We had great fun snapping pictures. The following is the result!

The Palm Cockatoo from Papua. He was such a beauty! His crested headdress was very impressive.

I caught this photo at the perfect time. This Pelican had just swooped underwater and came up with something in it's bill.

Possibly a Little Corella from Southern New Guinea? We enjoyed watching this baby darting his head in and out of his house. It took awhile to get this shot.

I do not know the name of my new friend. He was gorgeous and heavy.

What a beautiful pale lemon colour under this Sulfur Crested Cockatoo's wings. I was also able to hold this pretty birdy!

This cassowary looked as though it could kick some butt. Don't mess with this horny headed, 3 toed, great clawed creature. I wanted to capture the electric blue coloured dimpled skin on it's neck, and it's long red dangling necklace.

Look at him staring at me. There were some wide gaps in the bars to his pen and I knew I was taking a chance sticking myself into his personal space like this! We were definitely up close and personal.

His knowing eyes- one orange, the other yellow. The slashes and geometrics patterning his feathers look especially beautiful against the print in Wendy's top.

Can't you just tell that this pretty parrot and Wendy are in the midst of a conversation? She must be telling him that his colouring is outstanding.

Your crown is amazing. You look good as a blonde.

A real old granddad bird. Kind of grouchy too.

Pea Fowl looking the part of the proud peacock.

Such an extravagant display! Covered in beautiful iridescent 'eyes', this dandy's covert feathers were displayed in all their glory for at least 20 minutes! I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He quivered, turned around and around for us, bowed and just stood there allowing us to admire him.

Western Crowned Pigeon. Loved the lacy, fan shaped crown and the eyeliner. Very dramatic.

I hope you have enjoyed our trip to the huge "mini" bird enclosure. If any of these photos have particularly caught your eye they could be mine, but more than likely they are Wendy's. She has an amazing camera, a keen eye, and a real knack with the shutter and lens. Thank you for sharing your exceptional photographs with me Wendy!


  1. These pictures are lovely Auntie! I love catching up on your blog. I look forward to having you here for Christmas! Love you!

  2. Thanks again for reading Bek! I have anotherncouple of posts in draft form, soon to be posted. Keep checking! Love you sweet Rebekah!