Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Good thing you always have great hair!"

...Which was my friend's response when I texted her that "things are going to get hairy around here".
And it makes me think, that a good laugh and an injection of a light hearted, no-worries-mate attitude is helpful to add into the mix of important decisions, worrisome timelines, and the dust, debris and chaos of a gutted backyard and full desert-redo.
You see, the Big Backyard Retaining Project is a WRAP! Completed! Paid for! A house built on shifting sand is no longer our problem. Quite literally, we are not moving anywhere. And this is such.great.news! You have to be Rob or me, or maybe our kids, to really appreciate what a relief this is to have BEHIND US! 

Here are the two new walls. The end result doesn't look like much really, does it?

And though all's right with our world when it comes to retaining and we are sitting tight, we are definitely not sitting pretty!
But we have a plan! A lovely down-the-track-promise of things to come. An "all will be revealed in the fullness of time" end result to anticipate!

But meanwhile and 'midst-while', let's face it, things ARE getting hairy around here! It's all about early mornings and noisy machinery, dust and sand. 

There are a myriad of decisions to make, things to organise and people to co-ordinate. There are contracts to mull over and feel concerned about, disclosure statements to decipher. There are design and colour choices to HAVE FUN MAKING! There is this "get it right we only do this once" pressure or sense of responsibility. There is the excitement at day's end to have a good look round and see what has progressed. 
The dog is filthy, as is the cat, but they are having a blast with all the activity and new folks round about. 
But the biggest hairy deal is a looming timeline, a big birthday party held HERE in our backyard to celebrate Anna's 21st on... the 21st of February (ta da!). It will be done (I tell myself). All WILL be revealed (before 21/02/15). And Anna and everyone else in the family will have a backyard space to enjoy the company of friends and family from here on in, 'here on' being 23 days from now 😱.

But just between you and I- I have a trip to the salon booked for this coming Friday - cut AND colour - just in case I really do need great hair to get through this!


  1. Hey Booie, you are SO funny! Thank you for injecting laughter into my day half a world away! When shall I arrive to do the BIG CLEAN just prior to Anna's lovely fete? Wouldn't that be grand?! Tonsamonsa love, sister K.

    1. I WISH!!!!! Anna told me last week - "I want my aunties at my 21st". (SIGH, How ever do I accomplish that??)