Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome To Kuala Lumpur

According to Mr Fitbit, it's 3,211 steps and 29 active minutes from the KL apartment, all downhill, to "Bangsar Village" our suburb's hub of restaurants, cafés, shops, and all manner of modern conveniences. I've only been back in town for 2 days but I knew where I was heading for my morning java - No.20 Jalan Telawi 2 and "Antipodean"...
...a streetside cafe in the heart of the Village, for this, straight from Aceh -
...(and the toast with rosemary marmalade and feta was also part of the plan)
It's 32 degrees at the moment in KL and the air is heavy with humidity and the sky is grey - the rain clouds look a bit threatening. Not ideal conditions for photographs but I wanted to share this morning's walk - it's an interesting place and so different - I hope you enjoy. Thanks for walking with me!
I was fascinated by what I thought was such an unusual bloom just off the footpath. But looking closer, I realised this was actually a cluster of incense sticks, and I was encroaching on someone's temple shrine -
- oops. 
Moving along, the footpath is intermittent at first, but when it's there, it's a pretty patchwork of cobblestones and colour and pattern -
How's this for razor wire security looking as pretty as possible? -

Speaking of security measures, it is imperative to be aware of your surroundings and careful with your valuables - muggings are very real and frequent. (As I exited the subway yesterday I witnessed the ensuing (and futile) chase after a man was pick-pocketed.) Just in case I forget to tuck my bag close and keep it on the side of my body furthest from traffic, the road signs provide a sober reminder -
That is not a good look. 
It's lush and tropical and the scenery is pretty (and I quickly forget about snatch thieves) -

Bangsar Village - 

I walked all over the place searching for Harusame or cellophane noodles made from the mung bean for a Japanese soup I am trying for tonight's dinner. Did I mention the walk was DOWN into Bangsar Village? It follows then that I must head back, uphill. That was a steady-as-she-goes kind of trek. You'll have to forgive me for the photo barrage - these were really just an excuse to stop for a breather so to speak -
An artistic arrangement of some kind of cable. 
Love the red of the Lipstick Palms. 
Someone's coffee drink hanging from the yellow-barked bamboo. 
See that charcoal building with the slanted roof in the distance? I'm heading for that condo - puffing and red-faced and shall we say, glowing. 
Hmmm...were these pics about the orange heliconias or because I liked the blue, yellow and brown coloured irrigation system sitting amongst them? Either way the excuse to stop worked. 
Pretty natives.  Alpinia Pupurata also called ornamental Red Ginger or Ostrich Plume. 
Look! So close! -
Ahhhh! 8,739 steps and 79 active minutes later I have arrived back at the apartment! A bit sopping and a slight spectacle with my flushed red fair skin, but it was a good workout. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing my new surrounds and I'll let you know how the mushroom soup turns out.