Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stringing Together Wins

It's the middle of Feb. How are my new year's resolutions faring? 
To be honest, I made none this year, not one. It was a calculated decision - and it was quite freeing to think, 'I'm not going to be caught up in that annual attempt to "plan to fail" ', which is how I have come to see the setting down of New Years resolutions, based on my own experience. 
Maybe because I'm currently residing in Malaysia and stimulated by the colour and energy and celebration of a culture in the hype of their Lunar New Year, but, here I am, 46 days into 2016, and the whole concept of stringing together the two words 'new' and 'year', into a banner that proclaims "Begin Again!", is looking at me one more time - it's like an offering of a re-do. 
So this day, 15th of Feb, I've gone ahead and made my list - Resolutions that would be best to keep and progress in. The application of actual resolve in areas where I am found wanting. And I may drop the ball. That's happened before. But I've this notion that it's the stringing together of wins and accomplishments that matters. My wins are indeed interspersed with setbacks and my resolve does wane, but if I pick out all those individual wins, those blips on the radar, one big effort by one, two things happen: I discover an actual lineup of accomplishments and, I see proof that change is possible- it's there in the banner trail! 
Those yearly starts, those mid February kickstarts, those blips of resolve which run interference through the habits and behaviours that are my norm, once strung together, they equal a series of wins. And to win the series, well that's just a great thing! Exciting! Intoxicating! The culmination of goal + achievement equaling the desired outcome! 
February 15 2016 finds me taking heart and ready for another win, and, a longer string.


  1. Such words of insight from my dear friend! Thanks for sharing your perspective. I get it!

  2. Is this my dear Janet? How wonderful to see your comment! How can I contact you? Any fudge nut torte of late?

    1. Sadly, the fudge not torte has been replaced by a wholesome diet of fruits and veggies, in a desperate attempt to make it to the nursing home someday, so I can sit in my rocker, blissfully unaware of reality. How does that make any sense? Great to hear from you Mary!

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