Sunday, June 10, 2012

London Bound

I am en route to London Euston station as I write. Rob and I enjoyed our time in Singapore. It was sad to say goodbye at the airport-Rob went his way back to Jakarta and I boarded my plane to Munich. I thought the trip had potential for disaster when the "gentleman" in the seat next to me greeted me with "IS THIS YOU DARLIN'? He was completely loaded from his flight from Perth to Singapore and he bombarded me with all kinds of unwelcome colourful and suggestive conversation. Early on he warned me that he was going to get more drunk than he already was and this time he wouldn't stand for the flight attendants "cutting him off, because they have no right!" I asked him if there was any fear that he might throw up next to me-he assured me that would not happen-and I hoped for the best. Blessedly, it didn't take him long to pass out and apart from his arm hanging over my armrest for 14 hours and his thumping music coming through his earplugs, we both survived. By contrast, I am now travelling quite comfortably in a Quiet Zone, First Class train car and my travel companions are very civilised. Another couple of hours and I meet Annie

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