Friday, June 15, 2012


We did our best to ignore the unseasonably cold temps and persistent rain on offer in London while we were there. What a beautiful city! My first experience as a mature traveller using a youth hostel was great! I was surprised to find many families and oldies using the facility. Clean, comfortable, set in the heart of the Oxford Circus shopping district-  YHA London Central possibly spoiled us-(I write this from Paris where we are not as happy, but more on that later, maybe). Our dinner at Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa was delicious! Anna and Gill have been living off Tesco's one pound egg and cress sandwiches so they were ready for a hearty meal. We did a wonderful walking tour of the city and although we were drowned rats it was really fun and informative. Les Mis at Queen's Theatre was outstanding. We had seats that were so close to the stage. What a memorable evening! Another highlight was attending Evensong at Westminster Abbey. Portobello Market in Notting Hill was such a feel good place. I loved the pastel coloured row homes witH their window boxes overflowing with roses and English country garden flowers, and the eclectic shops with their interesting and creative window displays. And speaking of shopping-Oxford St! That was fun too! Thankfully I have no interest in adding to the weight of my pack so window shopping sufficed. And I cannot forget to mention our time at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I could spend hours upon hours there! The fashion and ball gown exhibits, the V&A gift shop (sigh!)- I have a wish list for certain! So our first destination was a huge success. Anna and I are full of cold/flu but we are soldiering on-thank you Rob for insisting I pack your cold and flu meds. As it turns out, blogger won't let me upload photos from my iPad. So I am sorry, this will be quite boring without pics, but I can post some to my Facebook wall. Wifi is very intermittent so I will be in touch when I can!

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