Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A change is as good as a rest

And a change WITH a rest? Even better! We were hot, sad, frustrated, annoyed when we left Venice yesterday. Hot and dripping wet while lugging our heavy packs in the humidity ( great shopping in Venice), sad because K had to return to Canada that morning, frustrated because we couldn't figure out the self service ticket machine at the train station and had to therefore wait in a long lineup for our train reservation, (missed the train as we waited), and annoyed because when we finally did leave, our journey was very hot with no AC and unpleasant with some seat mates (but I will leave out those details). So don't we sound like cranky pants after an incredible opportunity visiting the ever so lovely city of Venice? A train change in Verona, and the Alps out our window however, soon helped turn our mindsets. We arrived in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria to a welcome 18 degrees, a refreshing drizzle of rain, the fun surprise of witnessing a flash mob at the Innsbruck train station, and ... The Hilton! We felt the need of a break from back alley one star non air-conditioned scary hotel rooms, just for a night, just for a change, and for a rest!

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