Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Have Bag, Will Travel!

My sister, Kathy, has brightened up our travel days in so many ways.  She can jam pack more into a 24 hour period than anyone I know!  Always up for adventure, always interested in what is on offer, always positive and cheerful, always the encourager.
She has carried over her shoulder her blue crocheted bag, each day, all day.  On any particular day it will definitely hold a 1.5 litre water bottle, a "King Ricky" travel guide, her lipstick, Eurail pass/maps, train schedule, and the bag MAY also hold a piece of fruit, her shopping, the Ephesians paperwork she uses for scripture memory, and anything else she feels inclined to stow in it.
It stretches down and at times nearly drags the pavement, depending on its' load!  She strategically ensures her bag sneaks into all the photos we take.  We have a few nicknames for it, but mostly it is referred to endearingly as the "crotched-ed bag".  Typical of Kathy, she always graciously asks us if she can ease our load by carrying something on our behalf on a hot humid day or a particularly long or arduous walk.
We will miss Kathy as she departs our little travelling party on July 2.  She heads back to Canada and her beautiful family and work commitments.  For me, living in another hemisphere and apart from my precious sister most of the time, her company during these past 2 weeks has been a gift from God.  It has been such a happy privilege to traipse around these amazing places with my sister and friend who makes me laugh and brings me joy.  
Safe journey Dearest K!  Yours till we find ourselves taking self-timer pics in some other area of the world that reminds us of the Garden of Gethsemane!  I look forward to that!  Get that crocheted bag all washed up and ready for our next adventure! xx


  1. Aunt Mar you have me nearly in tears over here in canada. i'm so glad mum got to spend the last two weeks with her best friend! It's so nice to have mummy home. She was sick yesterday but today feels much better. Can't wait to hear all about your time from her soon. And I CANNOT WAIT for Gill to come home! My heart yearns for her!

  2. Bekah, thanks so much for reading my blog posts so faithfully. Your comments are appreciated! Poor mummy!! I hope she feels better. Please give her a big hug for me?