Thursday, July 5, 2012

We just stepped aboard a RailJet bound for Budapest! How exotic! Our actual destination is Prague in the Chezch Republic, so we travel on this train only as far as Linz, Austria, switch trains and travel due north to Anna's No. 1 city on her hit list, Praha! She has a good draft for an itinerary while there. We arrive this afternoon and hit the streets running, our first destination the Jewish Ghetto. Tomorrow we begin with a 3 hr walking tour of the city followed by Prague Castle in the afternoon and Charles Bridge in the evening with opportunities to people watch, see lovely views and listen to music. Our third day takes us 30kilometres outside of the city to Kutna Hora, or, the Bone Castle. Sounds gruesome. We shall see! To be honest, we are a little tired and spending so much money day after day is tough also, however, we are applying a final big push and are determined to fully explore our final destination! We devote 3 of our precious remaining nights in this city. It has a marvellous reputation for impressing those who see it and our expectations are high! More later!

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