Saturday, July 7, 2012

Leap-Prauging through the city of a thousand spires!

Robert must receive the credit for the leap-Prague pun. Anna, Gill and I, while not exactly jumping and leaping, have been steadily exploring this beautiful city, combing street after street and trying to take in all the character and atmosphere we find around each corner. Prague is a postcard city from nearly every angle. Our hostel is located in "Little Town" and we can look out our bedroom window a mere 50 metres to the walled street that leads up to the Castle, Prazsky hrad. Right now we are enjoying a concert of classical music and opera heard through our open window which is being held on the Castle grounds. It is a great way to enjoy the performance while saving our 300 Czech Koruny! (We have come to the tail end of our trip and are scraping the barrel so we are now relying on the many free options this city offers.) I am keeping this post short as I am waiting for Annie to download some photos to her laptop - my rambling on without a photo accompaniment is simply insufficient!- Maybe a bit like listening to these Mozart pieces and the Cellist is missing???
(The next 2 photos were added later during a blog edit in an attempt to capture this lovely city!)

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