Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Just a few pictures today of our local Starbucks, a significant location for me as it is the only place close by with Internet.  While waiting to be connected in our apartment, I head here for a daily dose of the information superhighway.
Meet my new friend, the local Starbucks with Internet service.  At the moment, this is my venue for staying in touch with everyone, using wifi for whatsapp, facebook, my blogging, checking emails, and surfing the web.
This very seat is my location of preference, because the comfie chair is immediately adjacent to the electrical outlet.  Lots of times though, this primo location is not available.  My computer battery is not like the energizer bunny that keeps on going, so I keep my eyes peeled for this chair to open up, and grab it when I can-hopefully this is before my computer dies. 
I try very hard to stay away fom these calorie rich, sweet drinks full of caramel-goodness.  Looks tasty, but I am sticking to a mug of tea or my skinny flat whites.  Of course, I wouldn't dare use their chair and table and internet without buying coffee.
I like the artwork, and the friendly staff, (and the latte donuts - who said that??).  It's quite comfortable for my purposes.  We are organizing wifi in our apartment soon, and although Jaksbux has been a handy spot to keep in touch, working from home will be a great improvement!
It all comes flooding back...when I lived here last I was Ibu Merry, Mrs Merry.  I must remember to live up to my name, and be of good cheer and wear a happy countenance!  Ms. Merry Indeed!


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  1. Glad you were able to set up your internet for skype purposes!