Friday, September 21, 2012

The Oakwood

I am settling in at the Oakwood Premier Cozmo, a lovely apartment complex in the heart of the Mega Kuningan district of Jakarta.  It's a sky scraper, next door to more sky scrapers. Our neighbours are the Ritz Carlton, the Hotel RW Marriot, and other fancy addresses such as the Bellagio and Menaro Primo.  It borders 3 significant thoroughfares that can get you anywhere you want to go, as long as you don't expect to get there quickly. I like the 'Cozmo' bit to the Apartment title, especially after Rob telling me that his Indonesian drivier's license was re issued last week, in the name "Robert Cozmo Bird"! 

So, here are some photos of our (new to me) place:

Our living room with its' very pretty view. 
It's all very comfortable, and Desi comes in each day to clean it!  Bonus!
The Main Lobby.  What I can't capture via the photo is the lovely fragrance of the fresh flowers!
Very friendly and attentive staff swipe key cards on our behalf, open doors and greet politely.  In this instance though, their smiles became very stern and formal when they posed for the picture.
One of the working sniffer dogs.  So pretty!  Panda is her name.  This being Jakarta, it is important that security be vigilant!
This boy's name is Pinka.  Shame on me, I cannot remember the Security gentleman's name.  We must have our bags inspected, and walk through a metal detector before entering the premises.
The boom gate where security has a look in the boot and under the bonnet and chassis of all entering vehicles.
Good to go mate!
At ground level there is a small shopping centre.
Ranch Market is a grocery store that sells both local and some highly sought after imported foods.
And...Starbucks, but more on this "toko" next time. 
Thanks so much for having a peek at our new digs.  I am settling in nicely! 


  1. This looks lovely and like the Jakarta I was introduced to by your even more lovely self. So glad for you! Love Aunty.

  2. We are certainly comfortable. Wish we could have you here again Bek!