Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy, Smiling Faces

Next to the waterway,

next to the garbage dump,

live the lovely, friendly people of kampung Luar Batang.
I thought it seemed important to put these two posts back to back- the kampung in all it's unfortunate glory, but now the people whose lives revolve around this kampung - their fortune or misfortune so tied to this location.

We were encouraged to take lots of pictures, but to be sure to show the digital image to the one posing. This was not hard for me!

So please let me introduce you to some beautiful, smiling kids from the fishing village! As is becoming typical of my thinking here in Indonesia, I look at their faces and wonder why I was born where I was, why I am part of the Collins clan and not born to a poverty stricken woman living in a Jakarta slum? Could it not just as easily, have been me on the opposite end of the camera?

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