Sunday, September 15, 2013

Drive Thru Shopping!

Today I bought avocados from a street vendor while sitting in the car, paying through the window! (Which is different from paying through the nose, although I believe I did pay the "orang asing" price, rather than the local's price.)

When we lived in the States 20+ years ago, I remember being surprised by the drive through banking in Charlestown Rhode Island. Again, via the car window, you could place your money and deposit slip into a plastic tube, place the tube into a pressurised Shute, and it would fly off to the teller inside the bank building. One time in my haste, I dropped the tube then had to squeeeeze out the car door, crawl around beside the car and reeeeeach under for the rolling tube, all the while listening to young Robbie, from his car seat (alarmed) chastise me for my mistake! Buying avocados from the car window is far less stressful.

Much later, we arrived in Perth and noticed people could purchase their alcohol from any drive through "bottle shop". No convenience oriented banking at that time, but buying your stubbies? - too easy mate!

But enough reminiscing.
I do realise drive-thru shopping isn't really out of the ordinary, but I was impressed on a recent trip to Bogor, with all the lovely produce that can be purchased from the ease of the car window here in Indonesia. If you need anything for tonight's dinner, just let me know!


Sweet potatoes... Our driver, Pak Asri (pictured) bought them hot and freshly roasted from the oven.



Corn on the cob...


...yes, bunnies. I think they are for sate! (sate kelinci)

Not sure what these veggies are, turnip??

Anyone who has stayed with me knows I am fastidious about cleaning my fruit and veg. Here is an example of why!

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