Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WELCOME to your home away from home!

Have I expressed adequately how delighted Rob and I are when we have the blessing/opportunity/privilege of hosting visitors?
My dear friends Jacqui and Janette have travelled to Jakarta to be with us for the next few days. Hurray!!
Jacqui arrived on Monday. Talk about a bright spark lighting up our home! What a treasure she is.

Here we are enjoying the pool from the comfort of our kitchen window, and having fun catching up with one another, picking up from where we last left off.

We waited expectantly for Janette's arrival the following day. A trip to the flower Market, a good brisk walk in the 36 degree heat and humidity, lunch out, sunset on the balcony, dinner out (again!), a productive sewing session, and day 1 passed quickly and pleasantly!

Brave Janette had no welcoming committee awaiting her at the airport. Rob had to head out of town so he left early for his flight and there was not enough time for our driver, Pak Asri, to return to our house, pick up Jax and I, and make the return trip to the airport in time for Janette's flight. So Janette was on the look out for....

...our driver Asri, who met her with a smile and brought her home to us safely. No doubt the 60+ minute drive passed amicably because Janette knew all about his family and had a few key Indonesian phrases under her belt by the time she arrived.

Ahhh, she arrives bearing gifts! Delicious Aussie chocolate! Thank you.

Check back for posts on our shenanigans!

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