Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Packing 101

It all comes back to me! - The incredible process of packing up household belongings for a sea container!
It involves construction and geometry. There is estimating, organising, and the deft wielding of exacto knives as they slash and score, all done to the rhythm of the rip rip rrrriiiippp of many packing tape rolls simultaneously stretching and tearing!

How would you prepare a dining table? Maybe something like this?

Can't take the legs off, it's one solid piece, so...

Stand on my head, check. Paper layer, check. Foam sheeting, check. Reinforce corners, check.

Smile for the photo, check. More protective layers, check. Build a custom box, check.

How would you transport your mattress? Haul it into the back of your pick-up. Or...
Tape together a humungous piece of cardboard, then foam sheeting, cut to oversize and dotted with sachets of umm, preservative stuff.

And then whip up another perfect-fit box for it. (Don't forget to score the fold lines ON TOP of the mattress so you can freak Mary out! How that mattress isn't laced with slash marks I will never know!)

It seems shameless to admit to this excessive consumption of packing materials. "Reduce" does not apply to the readying of my shipment. But, just consider all the opportunities for "Reuse" that can occur at the other end of this journey! But Rob, if you are reading this, we are NOT going to be keeping all of these boxes! Sorry.

Day 1 went well. We had a crew of 6 and they stopped once for nasi Padang at noontime and otherwise were heads down all day long! Two more days of packing to go. Loading begins tomorrow at 2 pm where I will perform the miraculous stunt of being in two different places at one time - checking and ticking an inventory list outdoors curb side, and supervising the continued pack-up on level 2 inside.

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