Friday, November 8, 2013


"Pulang." it means "to go home" in Indonesian. It's a travel word.
My home = rumah saya
Our home = rumah kami
But, take me home is simply " pulang".
The BDN house, as it has become affectionately known, has been our Jakarta home. We set up house here and began a new existence as empty nesters, created bedrooms for our girls for precious visits, made a special space for Robbie (who never did get here), and hosted 21 house guests over the year.
I commend my dear, perceptive husband, who knew how traumatic it would be for me to leave my kids, friends, home, church, job, pets, life in Perth to join him here in Jakarta. He quietly went about ensuring the situation would work, and has lovingly provided for me in an amazing way.

Rob wanted a place where we could comfortably entertain house guests and I wished to be closer to his office so his work day was not as long and we could be together a bit more. And 5 minutes away from the office we found an incredible home on Jalan BDN2, complete with the desired guest room which has a pool view and privacy, due to it's location just outside of the main living area.

I don't know why it should surprise me that on our last day at the BDN house, almost as the last box was packed, we received confirmation that our new housing in Kuala Lumpur was successfully finalised. And once again God provides.
It's going to be different, naturally. The new house is an apartment actually, minus the soaring ceilings and expanses of marble flooring that we enjoy at BDN, but it has plenty of space for any of you who desire to visit.
And, it is going to become home.

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