Monday, November 25, 2013

The Finishing Touch

I love to work with my friend Donna when I create my quilts.  I confidently hand over to her the 'tops' that I have painstakingly assembled, and she then works the end result, the outcome of consequence!
Donna takes my quilt top and backing, and nests them between a soft wadding of cotton & bamboo and winds these layers onto her great and mighty quilting machine.  We liase to find the most appropriate thread colour and a quilt design that will 'bring it all home', so to speak. Donna then stitches this pattern throughout the top, adding the stability, the texture, the warmth and body to the project for what is always a beautiful end result. (I have previously shown some photos of Donna and her Statler in this post)
Grand Finale: noun
Noun1.finishing touch - a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination.  Frankie's quilt is complete.  I have sewn down the outer binding, added a label - (Anna insisted that I must) - and it is ready for travel to Canada.  Jacqui also,was a huge help to me in seeing that this quilt was completed on time!  She lugged it back to Perth in her suitcase, readied the beautiful backing fabric with perfect seam matching (you would never know 2 pieces of fabric were joined!), delivered it to Donna on my behalf, and even helped me with the binding.
It's always such a pleasure to gift a quilt to a special someone.  I hope Robert's brother enjoys it and thinks it is striking.  I hope it will be a reminder that he is loved each time he uses it. Merry Christmas Frankie!
Although the lighting doesn't do justice to the quilt's colours, I love the way it shows off the texture of the quilting!




  1. There is even a bit of fabric from my stash in the backing! Jacqui has indeed done a fabulous job getting it to match up. The quilt is, of course, gorgeous. I hope it is much appreciated.