Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cinderella is not going to the Ball

Remember the ball gown?
Some of you have asked to see it.
Sorry, you will only be able to see it hanging over the closet door. As it turns out, we are not going!
Rob and I are in the midst of a chaotic time and tomorrow evening's festivities simply became too complicated. Does that sound lame? Possibly, but...just be glad you are not us right now.
The seamstress, Ibu Eny, almost didn't finish the gown and I was making a mad dash to her shop to pick up the barely completed dress late in the evening before my 3am departure from Jakarta. Earlier in the week, I managed to sneak away from the house during the pack-up for my fitting, which was fortunate because a few alterations were in order.
The dress is in hand. It's very pretty. My friend Cathy has dared me to take it to Canada and wear it to our family's Christmas celebration...with my Ugg boots! When I mentioned this to Anna, she begged me not to! We shall see! It's just the right colour for a Festive Frock!

Here it is literally tossed into the back seat in a heap after rushing to pick it up!

That's much better...

Some pretty details...

Someday, maybe, I will wear this lovely gown, and when I do, I will be certain to add a picture to this post!

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