Saturday, February 22, 2014

In Two Minds

This past week I have been rummaging through our storage unit and unearthing the plastic tubs of fabric, of which there are (maybe too) many. I loaded up the car and hauled them back to the house, where I am proceeding to cull (and make a great mess). As I sift through and sort, one half of my brain thinks, 'too much fabric, get rid of it, move on now, and who needs another quilt' (besides my dear Ida-Mae whose commission I have back-burnered, but not forgotten).

But following closely behind these logical thoughts, come all those neurons firing from the right, and that barrage brings with it the piqued interest, the steady flow of ideas, and that always-simmering creative excitement, roused by these pretty pieces of cotton.

But, while I work out what to do with my beloved quilting hobby, let me fill you in on my Christmas Delivery to Robert's brother Frankie. I think he was delighted with his Christmas gift!

It was a lot of fun presenting Frankie with his quilt. He was pleased. I was pleased. It is such a great joy to hand over one of these made-with-love items. Perhaps the decision about what to do with my hobby isn't such a tricky one after all!


  1. My dear friend Mare, From as far back as my memory goes in our long, long friendship I have known you to find and hoard bits of fabric and then to work pure magic with it later. Your creations are so full of you and your love I can't imagine you purging. God gives us such joy when we serve Him with our gifts and abilities...keep at it!!! Love you! Shar-bear

  2. And a gift is ment to be used and you truly have a wonderful gift
    Lorene collins