Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Here in Perth, the kids have just finished up a 2 week break from school, and even the uni students had some kind of a change in schedule, if not an actual holiday. So Leah, Anna and I headed to Denmark for a few days of R&R. It turns out, my Canadian family thought by our Facebook posts that we were in Scandinavia! Not so. 420 kms SW of Perth lies the 'Great Southern Region' of Western Australia, where the Southern Ocean meets the Karri and Red Tingle Forests and you can swim with elephants and walk amongst giants!

The girls picked me up in Dwellingup where I had indulged in a weekend away with friends at a quilting retreat - more on that next post - and we hit the open road on a warm sunny Monday morning, Denmark and Wattle Cottage waiting for us!
Turquoise ocean, scenic coastal drives, plenty of bays, beaches and rock outcroppings to hike and explore, ancient trees, rolling farmland, wineries with cellar doors boasting delicious food and wine... We love the glorious scenery, the relaxed pace and the holiday vibe that Denmark treats its' visitors to!
Enjoy the photos of our country's stunning Great Southern and my lovely girls enjoying it...

Swim with elephants

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