Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wonder Women Continued...

Let me set the scene...
We are at a beautiful retreat centre surrounded by WA bush and sunshine, 
And I was introducing you to some talented women with whom I was sharing a weekend of patchwork...
My blog posts are few and far between as it turns out. How that works in my favour in this instance, is now I can show you some progress pics! 
Do you remember Pat and her gorgeous appliqué blocks?
Well, her William Morris blocks now look like this!
And, she has stitched these teeny mini setting blocks for in between the rows, and has progressed with a gorgeous scalloped border. Beautiful!

I showed you this photo last time. Could you fathom that these pinwheels could evolve into this?:
Now seriously, the above represents such a great deal of effort, of time, of enjoyment! It's magnificent! Marg has worked on "Urban Owls" over the year, as a block of the month.  It is designed by Wendy Williams of Material Obsession in Sydney. 

Lizzy,... I would have to upload photo after photo to accurately record all she has sewn in between  blog posts, but her blue and cream heritage tumbling blocks that once spilled over the table, are complete, naturally, 
And her pleased-as-punch grin says it all!
But I have to show you a couple more of Lizzy's accomplishments:
Another Material Obsession design, this time by owner Kathy Doherty, and,
first to finish "Swoon" in her wildly eclectic style! I love it Liz!

Speaking of Swoon, a 9-block queen size quilt, made from big ol' friendly gal 24" blocks, has become a project that many of us are working on. I'll show you more of that later, in another post. In the meantime, Linda has stitched some pretty swoon blocks, 
So pretty! Now, I have said before that often people "match" their projects, which makes perfect sense since usually we wear clothing that we like, and we choose fabrics that we like. Linda, you and your swoon blocks are making a very pretty vignette!

Robin's swoon is kicking goals!
All Rob needs is sashing and borders and it's a wrap! 
Everyone was so delighted for Robin when she WON the raffle quilt made by the WA Quilter's Association! Robin is prolific. She knows every technical trick in the book for perfect, I mean PERFECT patchwork! She graciously and patiently shares her knowledge with the rest of us. I'm so happy that Robin received the blessing of this pretty win!

We come to these retreats with our boot-loads of patchwork essentials. We all have supplies we consider to be essential. I was fascinated with Pip's very fine collection of Gutermann threads. So pretty! How does she choose?

This next photo may mean absolutely NOTHING to you. But, if you know Blogger, and if you use Blogger on the iPad, you will understand that I have typed this entire post blindly, as for some unknown  reason, my alphabet keyboard is completely blank! Tonight I am thinking with fondness of my Grade 9 and 10 typing teacher who drilled into me the 8 finger alphabet keyboard. And then predictive text has helped as well. Whew! This has been a bit of a labour, and I've concentrated more on typing than on my narrative, so please excuse me if this is a little bland.

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