Monday, September 1, 2014

Old Habits, and Getting Comfortable

The Birdie family has some nice, new sofas. 
Can you spot that sweet Labrador on the left in this photo? He feels displaced as he can no longer recline in his usual place-of-preference. (The old sofas) Poor baby.
For several days, Bower didn't know where to put himself! Giving credit to his intellect, he only had to be told once and then understood clearly that this new furniture was strictly NO PETS ALLOWED!
But the old fellow really didn't know what to do while hanging out with his pack in the living room! He would stand around and look at us pathetically, pace the room and whine unhappily. He stood through a few nights of "The Block", which made us all feel bad, and so, I took action - he now has a new beaut bed of his very own where he can join us in the lounge room in the kind of comfort to which he is accustomed!
We purchased another, smaller version for Bob, our cat, and you will notice it is unoccupied. Typically indifferent, Bob wouldn't venture near it, inspite of our efforts to lure him onto it with food treats, cuddles etc. (I will add though, that Bob had no problem hopping up on Bower's bigger bed. What!) 
So there was some hooting and clapping on the day when we found Bobby comfortably snuggled into his OWN bed, all relaxed and hanging with his doggie-pal.
Everyone is now happy and comfortable. 
Yes, very comfortable indeed- Here he is, busted, not just resting along the bottom of the bed, his other favourite spot, but nestled right up on my pillow! (The bedding is now out flapping in the breeze on the clothesline as I type this. ) 

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